2009 Poster Art

2009 Marks the 75th Anniversary of the Colville Tribal Indian Encampment.

Charlene Bearcub donated this photo to use for the poster in honor of the late Tommy Waters IV. Leeann Waters-Romero, Tommy's sister states "On behalf of my parents & family, I believe that it would be an honor to see this beautiful picture of Tommy used. He was not only a Jockey in the World Famous Suicide Race, but a stunning dancer. Despite Tommy's struggles in life, he shared with us his true spirit when he danced or rode down the hill." Omak Stampede, Inc. is proud to honor the memory of this brave man who was loved by so many.


Dancer: Tommy Waters, IV - Photo by Charlene Bearcub
Design by Havillah Road Printing
Horse Artwork by Ian Radford

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Tim Patrick

Official Photographer
Tim Patrick Photo

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