Slim Garner

Rodeo Clown

Slim Garner

With a 2000-pound bull bearing down on you, it helps to have a sense of humor. It also helps to have a barrel to hide in. Slim Garner is a second generation clown, who started clowning around when he was 17 years old. He has been traveling coast to coast full time since 1997, but has been a rodeo clown for a total of 22 years.

He obtained his Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Card in 2000, and travels to 30 to 40 rodeos a year. Slim has a large variety of rodeo acts to keep the crowds entertained. Anything that is loud and catches the crowds attention is what he likes.

Slim took some time off from rodeo clowning to attend Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas where he obtained his Associates degree in Animal Science. He came to miss the rodeo arena, and found out where his true passions lie, that is entertaining people.

Slim likes to ride horses, rope, and help his dad on the ranch in his spare time. He also likes to see what other inventions he can come up with so that his rodeo acts can be better and the crowd will always be entertained.

Slim gets a huge thrill just stepping into the rodeo arena. He loves what he does and lives out his dream performing for his rodeo fans.

Slim Garner Slim Garner Slim Garner Slim Garner Slim Garner

JJ Harrrison

Rodeo Clown

John Payne JJ Grew up in the small town of Okanogan, Washington near the Canadian Border. He found an interest in rodeo in high school, which led to his being on the Washington State University Rodeo team. "Go Cougs".............

I tried all events but Bull riding was what I really loved... but due to the fact I'm a big sissy... I stuck with Roping" He found success roping but laughs off his career to a really fun road trip.

JJ has taught middle school for 8 years and enjoys every second he spends with kids. "I never want to grow up and the best way to do that is hang with kids." JJ has been to over 120 rodeos performances in only 3 years time.

He has become one of the most sought after rodeo clowns in the Northwest and shows no signs of stopping. If you want high energy and constant entertainment in your arena...this is the guy. "I always worry that people will someday's not an's just who I am...."

Tim Vredenburg


Tim Vredenburg It is time, once again, for the main event! Bull Riding is the last and most exciting event that takes place in Pro Rodeo. For many it is a sport that seems dangerous, intense, and definitely extreme. Likewise, safety and protection for these bull riders are of utmost importance. The PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) has established a rule that at least two bullfighters are present and working as the guardians of these bull riders. Enter, Tim Vredenburg.

Timothy Vredenburg has spent a lifetime around the sport of rodeo and has the experience and wisdom of any seasoned bullfighter. In 1994, Tim began his career after his first 'wrap' with a bull at a local high school rodeo event. He acquired his NPRA card and became Bullfighter of the Year for the next two years with the semi-pro association. His hard work and athleticism paid off and he became a PRCA cardholder and rookie bullfighter in 1996. Tim quickly realized he was now fighting against tougher bulls and unfortunately suffered a few injuries while coming to the aid of fallen cowboys. A broken jaw and ribs, hyper extended knee, and smashed forehead were the results of the battles he fought for his friends.

13 years later, Vredenburg has become a fixture in the main event and continues to sacrifice himself for those who dare to ride. Tim is proud to represent Bi-Mart, a regional store in the pacific-northwest. His partnership with Bi-Mart has helped Tim and his family travel to many events across three states, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Some of these events have included, New Year's Eve Bull Riding (Eugene, OR), Umpqua Valley Roundup Winter Rodeo (Roseburg, OR), Salem Pro Rodeo (Salem, OR), Yakima PBR (Yakima, WA), Union Pro Rodeo (Union, OR), Umpqua Valley Roundup (Roseburg, OR), Crooked River Roundup, (Prineville, OR), Eugene Pro Rodeo and Firecracker Bull Riding (Eugene, OR), Baker Elks Blowout Bull Riding (Baker City, OR), Omak Stamped (Omak, WA) Santiam Canyon Stampede (Sublimity, OR), Puyallup PBR (Puyallup, WA), Couer D'Alene Pro Rodeo (Couer D'Alene, ID), Spokane Pro Rodeo (Spokane, WA), Yakima Pro Rodeo (Yakima, WA), Cheney Pro Rodeo (Cheney, WA), Colombia River Circuit Finals Rodeo (Redmond, OR).

As a result of Tim's hard work ethic and loyalty, he was inducted into the first annual Hall of Fame at the Santiam Canyon Stampede in Sublimity Oregon. The committee celebrated ten years of rodeo and Tim had fought bulls every year of its existence. The Colombia River Circuit Finals Rodeo has also been graced by Tim's presence as he was voted in by fellow cowboys to be their bullfighter at the year's finale. Knowing this is just the beginning for the Roseburg, Oregon native, Tim's family accompanies him to almost all of his events in the Northwest. His wife Darcy, and three children Owen, Emma, and Asher, enjoy the lifestyle that rodeo has to offer. Their appreciation for the sport has enhanced the experience all the more for the devoted husband and father of three. Where you find bulls, there Tim will also be.

Rowdy Barry


Rowdy Barry Rowdy Barry loves his jobs. All of them.

Rowdy Barry is one of the most well recognized bullfighters in professional rodeo. He's been selected to keep bull riders safe at the most prestigious rodeos in the United States and Canada. He's also a well-respected cowboy artist, a family man and the owner of Wild R Ranch.

"I tried riding bulls for a while, really tried a lot more than I actually rode. I started fighting bulls in the practice pens and one thing led to another and it evolved into a great career." That career has lasted for 20 years, and isn't over yet. Barry has been a consistent fixture at some of the best rodeos in the country. He appears annually at well known rodeos like the Reno Rodeo in Reno, Nevada, the El Paso Rodeo in Texas, the Sisters Rodeo in Oregon, and the Horse Heaven Round Up in his hometown of Kennewick, Washington.

"We are athletes," Barry says of the rodeo profession he has loved since 1986. "I enjoy what I do and I do it with a smile. I hope that's contagious. I do what I do because I love it, and I've always taken loving what I do to heart and have tried to live my life that way."

He lives with his wife Laura Lee who works as Lady Wrangler and two children, daughter Clay Noel and son Miles Rowdy in Kennewick, Washington. You can learn more about Rowdy Barry by logging on to his website,

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