Kyzer Stoddard

Kyzer Stoddard

Kyzer Stoddard has horse riding in his genes. The youngest child in the famous Stoddard rodeo family he was practically born with a saddle attached. As a youngster Kyzer rode whatever animal he could, even the family dog, and taught many of the animals on the family farm to do tricks. When he was given his first pony he showed a lot of people what was to come later as he trained his pet to sit, lay down and bow just like a dog trainer would do with his canines.

To say he was fanatical about his pets and teaching them tricks would be an understatement. Kyzer spent every waking moment that he could with them and, by the time he was 10, he was so good at it that he was picked to star in a Chevrolet Truck commercial that was aired nationwide, a huge honor for such a young rider.


Since the time Kyzer started trick riding, he has been steadily perfecting his craft and today is one of the sport's most amazing young talents. What's even more fantastic is that hetaught himself how to trick ride and many of the horses that star in his show were once called 'untrainable'. The fact is,Kyzer relishes meeting and exceeding challenges. Those closest to him have come to realize that it's not a good idea to say that something is 'impossible' because, with his amazing talents, Kyzer most often proves them wrong.

Kyzer has trained or performed with some of the best riders and rodeo people in the business, including;

  • John Harrison
  • Rich and Trisa Gratney
  • Windy Lattin
  • Melissa Navarre
  • Jerry Wayne Olsen
  • Vicky Adams
  • Blake and Zane Goode
  • Kevin Higley.

Kyzer's trick riding show is one of the most original that you'll ever see. Fans love him and his horses and the comments and praise afterwards are always very high. Seriously, many people have never seen trick riding like this and after seeing what Kyzer and his horses can do many are left absolutely thunderstruck.

  • The action is non-stop from start to finish.
  • Kyzer does not use ropes or tape to guide his animals as many trick riders do.
  • The moves and tricks are incredibly fast-paced.
  • Kyzer is one of the only roman riders to use three horses at once.
  • Many tricks are totally unique to Kyzer's show.

Kyzer's shows are made for families and he gets involved with his fans before and after the show. He's an outgoing and friendly young man and the fans love him.

  • His acts are varied and never the same twice.
  • He puts on a pre-show that is exciting and fun.
  • His Grand Entrance will captivate and wow the crowd.
  • After shows he talks to fans and gives autographs.
  • Post-show interviews are no problem at all for Kyzer.

Kyzer's horses are part of his family and he takes 4 of them on the road for every performance. He has a connection with these powerful yet graceful animals that few have ever seen.

  • Sugar, his little firecracker.
  • Spice the lover of the bunch.
  • Sissy is a crowd favorite for her beauty.
  • Iso loves people and loves action.
  • Charley and Gunner are 2 year olds in training back at the family ranch.

Kyzer Stoddard Kyzer Stoddard Kyzer Stoddard Kyzer Stoddard Kyzer Stoddard Kyzer Stoddard

JJ Harrrison

Rodeo Clown

John Payne JJ Grew up in the small town of Okanogan, Washington near the Canadian Border. He found an interest in rodeo in high school, which led to his being on the Washington State University Rodeo team. "Go Cougs".............

I tried all events but Bull riding was what I really loved... but due to the fact I'm a big sissy... I stuck with Roping" He found success roping but laughs off his career to a really fun road trip.

JJ has taught middle school for 8 years and enjoys every second he spends with kids. "I never want to grow up and the best way to do that is hang with kids." JJ has been to over 120 rodeos performances in only 3 years time.

He has become one of the most sought after rodeo clowns in the Northwest and shows no signs of stopping. If you want high energy and constant entertainment in your arena...this is the guy. "I always worry that people will someday's not an's just who I am...."

Rowdy Barry


Rowdy Barry Rowdy Barry loves his jobs. All of them.

Rowdy Barry is one of the most well recognized bullfighters in professional rodeo. He's been selected to keep bull riders safe at the most prestigious rodeos in the United States and Canada. He's also a well-respected cowboy artist, a family man and the owner of Wild R Ranch.

"I tried riding bulls for a while, really tried a lot more than I actually rode. I started fighting bulls in the practice pens and one thing led to another and it evolved into a great career." That career has lasted for 20 years, and isn't over yet. Barry has been a consistent fixture at some of the best rodeos in the country. He appears annually at well known rodeos like the Reno Rodeo in Reno, Nevada, the El Paso Rodeo in Texas, the Sisters Rodeo in Oregon, and the Horse Heaven Round Up in his hometown of Kennewick, Washington.

"We are athletes," Barry says of the rodeo profession he has loved since 1986. "I enjoy what I do and I do it with a smile. I hope that's contagious. I do what I do because I love it, and I've always taken loving what I do to heart and have tried to live my life that way."

He lives with his wife Laura Lee who works as Lady Wrangler and two children, daughter Clay Noel and son Miles Rowdy in Kennewick, Washington. You can learn more about Rowdy Barry by logging on to his website,

Erick Schwindt


Eric Schwindt

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