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Stampede Vendors - 2020

Dear Omak Stampede Vendors,

The Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race will be held August 13-16, 2020. Please join us as we plan for an exciting 87th Annual Event!!! We expect to have a good mix of returning and new vendors this year. We continue to look for new and unique options. Returning vendors will continue to be given first preference in both acceptance and space location. New vendors will be considered on a case-by-case basis considering merchandise and space availability. We will attempt to limit duplication and all vendors are requested to provide a complete merchandise list as part of your applications. Application deadline is May 1st in order to mail all vendor information packets out by June 14th. All vendors are encouraged to submit early. Every vendor is required to submit a complete application, rental space payment (check, cash or credit card), and a clean-up/security deposit (separate check from rental space payment so it may be returned to you upon successful check-out) on or before May 1st.

All vendors are required to submit a certificate of liability insurance with a minimum of $1 million of coverage showing Omak Stampede, Inc. and the City of Omak as additional insured. Each food vendor will be required to apply for and receive clearance from the Okanogan County Public Health Department before they are cleared to occupy their assigned space. Please contact Michael Harr, Environmental Health Specialist at 509-422-7140, or send an email to .

Do not apply for permits to him two weeks prior to Stampede, and they show up expecting him to issue onsite, it won’t happen.

Lastly, all vendors are reminded that all liquid refreshments sold will be Pepsi products as the Omak Stampede Inc. has an exclusive contract with Weinstein Beverage-Pepsi Cola. Enclosed you will find a letter from Weinstein Beverage-Pepsi Cola pertaining to your needs.

RV parking will be allowed only as part of your vending stand and must fit within the space size that is assigned. Not all spaces assigned will have 30 feet and thus all vendors need to denote on your applications the use of RVs. If an RV is not denoted on your application, no accommodations will be made. RV’s not part of your vendor stands will be required to be parked in the designated RV parking or in the designated un-serviced camping areas (no water or power facilities).

All vendors, including non-profits, will be charged a per frontage foot and a separate clean-up/security deposit of per assigned space. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The square footage rate will be as follows: $30 per frontage foot and $200 clean-up/security deposit

The clean-up/security deposits will be collected prior to the event and will be returned on Sunday prior to each vendor’s departure once each individual space is inspected. If a vendor does not check out or refuses to clean their assigned space, the clean- up/security deposit will be forfeited.

Cancelation within three weeks prior to the event, and/or a “no-show” will result in a forfeiture of your space fee.

Vendor packets containing instructions, space maps, vendor code of conduct (read, sign and return), parking passes (two per vendor space), and site maps will be provided before occupying any vendor space. Please locate your assigned spot on the map and proceed to that area. Please check in prior to setting up anything, as there could be last minute changes. We wish you all great success! We look forward to processing your applications and will get notifications out as soon as possible.


Bob Crossland Director

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Vendors: Application – 2020
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