Parade of Flags

Parade of Flags: Business

Dear Business Flag Sponsor,

The growth of our sponsor flag program the past several years has been phenomenal. The beauty and pageantry of all the flags flowing in the wind and winding throughout the arena has gotten us a very high number of favorable comments from fans. It is our belief that it is also of value to the flag sponsors, particularly considering that all flag sponsors get mentioned on a special page in the program; and also get mentioned several times on the electronic scoreboard during each rodeo performance. This year will be our 85th Anniversary and we are gearing up for a great year!

This year the program deadline (TO BE ANNOUNCED). Businesses and riders need to get their information in for the program page for the Parade of Flags. We have many businesses without riders and riders without businesses to ride for. Please contact George, Dan or Amanda as soon as possible, to give them your rider's name or let them know if you need someone to carry your flag.

The success of the flag program has been great and we are still asking for your help. Many of the riders carrying flags come from as far away as Loomis, Brewster, Winthrop, Wenatchee & Western Washington. In order for this ceremony to be carefully choreographed it requires practices in advance of the rodeo. Most sponsors have helped their rider by giving them some money for gas and practice expenses and many have also helped purchase the outfits that the riders are wearing during the rodeo. In order for these volunteer riders to be fairly compensated for transportation costs and outfits, we are proposing that each sponsor pay a fee, suggested amount is at least $150.00, per year to help the riders defray their costs.

In addition, due to corrections made from a recent audit, all businesses will be required to pay their riders directly. These funds can no longer be processed through our office.

Please direct your reply as soon as possible to: 421 Stampede Dr E, Omak WA 98841 or contact George Dunckel, (509) 826-1829 or (509) 322-3238; Dan Salkawske, (509) 886-3033 or (509) 679-2000; or Amanda Emerson, (509) 857-2081.

Thank you again for your help in making the Omak Stampede one of the top family entertainment rodeos in the United States.



George Dunckel

Dan Salkawske

Amanda Emerson

Grand Entry Directors


Parade of Flags: Reference Sheet

  • Stampede Directors and Coordinators:

    • Dan Salkawske 509- 679-2000
    • Amanda Knowles 509-429-5677
    • Omak Stampede Office, 826-1983
  • Flag Designers:

    • ProStitch Embroidery, 826-6858
    • Go USA, 662-3387 or 800-274-6872
  • Flag Requirements:

    • Flag Size:  3 ft x 5 ft
    • Flag Design:  Your business logo, design & color
    • Flag Pole:  1-1/8 in dowel, 8 ft long, painted white
    • Flag to be completed by July 25th
  • If you do not have a rider to carry your flag, please let us know so we can help.  Please get a name, telephone number and address from your rider for reference purposes.
  • While riding in the arena the PRCA requires the attire to be a long-sleeved western shirt, western jeans, western hat or helmet and western boots.

Parade of Flags: Rider Letter 2017

Hello Riders!

In 2017, Omak Stampede will be celebrating its 84th Anniversary!  It is time again to prepare for the Omak Stampede and Suicide Race and the great “Parade of Flags Grand Entry”.  We are hoping you will ride this year.

It is your responsibility to contact the business that you have worked with in the past to make arrangements for this year.  We need to know if the business you rode for last year helped you with the expenses such as your attire and gas.  If they did not, please let us know.  We will contact them so they will support the rider this year!  We suggest to them that they pay you at least $150.00.  In addition, all businesses will be required to pay their riders directly.  These funds cannot be processed through our office.

If you know of anyone who would like to participate in the Parade of Flags program, please have them call us.  We feel this is a great honor for all horsewomen & horsemen.

Friday is “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” night so please wear a pink shirt.  This night is representative of breast cancer awareness and Omak Stampede, Inc. donates $1.00 per ticket sold to the cancer society.

Please call Amanda at (509) 429-5677 or Dan at (509) 679-2000, or the Stampede Office at (509) 826-1983.

Practices are scheduled on:  Thurs., July 27 at 7:00pm;   Sunday, July 30th at 11:00am; Thursday, August 3 at 7:00pm; and Sunday, August 6 at 11:00am.

In Western Friendship,

Dan Salkawske

Amanda Knowles

Grand Entry Directors


 For more information, please call The Stampede Office at (509) 826-1983.

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